Enrichment Programs

Grace UMC Weekday School offers various programs for our students that are 3 and 4 years old. Some of our enrichment class instructors do take children that will be turning 3 during the school term. The individual program instructors will let you know what their policies are in regards to their programs.

Enrichment programs are designed to give our students different activities that they can participate in to explore individual talents and interests. These programs are contracted through different instructors that specialize in various activities. These programs are contracted between you and the program instructors. The students will stay after school and the instructors will pick them up from their classes. You will pick them up at 12:50 in the designated area.

•Tennis for Tots (K3-K4)

•Dance Express (K3-K4)

•Soccer Shots (K3-K4)

•Smarty Paints (K3-K4)

•Handbells (K4)