Health & Wellness Ministries

Grace UMC offers several programs to enhance our spiritual, emotional, and physical health. At Grace you will find plenty of opportunities to support your health and well-being. Take a look at these opportunities and let us know if you are interested in joining one of these groups. 

  • stephen ministry

    The Stephen Ministry is a worldwide ministry in which trained and supervised lay persons, called Stephen Ministers, provide one-on-one Christian care to individuals facing life challenges or difficulties.  Stephen Ministers attend 50 hours of initial training and then have continuing education and supervision throughout their time in this ministry.  They are using Christian resources in care giving.  Stephen Ministers pray for and with their care receivers.  This program is carried out in total confidentiality.

    Pastors will always be the primary caregivers in a church, but there is no way pastors can meet all the needs for care.  God has called all of us, not just pastors, to minister to one another.

  • out-to-lunch bunch

    The mission of the Out-to-Lunch Bunch is to visit our shut-ins and those members who reside in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  There are many in need of our friendship.  The group meets for lunch the first Wednesday of every month at different locations in the West Ashley area.  After enjoying lunch and fellowship with other Grace members, our volunteers select the member or members they would like to visit during the coming month.  Visits may be done alone or with a partner.  The visits are much appreciated and are mutually beneficial.  Information on the current month's restaurant may be found in the current Words of Grace and the bulletin.

  • we care groups

    Every member of Grace is a part of a We Care group.  Presently, there are 16 groups made up of individuals who live in close proximity to one another.  The purpose of each group is to extend a helping hand to others in times of need.  Living geographically close to each other makes it easier to lend assistance.  A list of your group will be provided.  It will enable you to familiarize yourself with the others in your group.  Reach out to others in your group in good times as well as bad times with a card or a phone call.

  • touchable prayers

    A Prayer Shawl Ministry is offered at Grace for those in need of comfort and solace.   The ministry is all about providing "touchable" prayers for anyone in need.  The shawls may be knitted or crocheted or in the form of a fleece blanket.  Any member may request a shawl for a family member or friend who is undergoing health problems, personal difficulties or any kind of traumatic experience.  The potential recipient must be receptive to this.  Interested church members gather on the second Saturday of the month to review requests and work on the shawls.  All are welcome to participate.  When work on the shawls is completed, they are displayed on the chancel rail in the sanctuary for one to two weeks so that everyone has an opportunity to offer a prayer for the recipients.  The requestor then presents the shawl to the recipient.